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I.D. presents: PAOLO DEL PRETE
Paolo del Prete (House of Music Records)
(B.W.H. - Blackway - High Resolution - Mr Master)

"..DJ, Composer, Guitar and Bass player we can define Paolo del Prete a real Italo Disco pioneer!
Back in '82, under the name of B.W.H., this guy completely distorted the Disco Music rules in Italy and the rest of the world.
The killer track "Stop" with the Synth arpeggios, piano and a fat bassline is definately the Italo classic for excellence and inspired what we now formally call "House Music".."


I.D.: Ciao Paolo welcome to Italo Deviance!

P.D.P.: Ciao Marcello, thank you for your invite!

I.D.: Where, when and why did you start producing?

P.D.P.: I started playing keyboards when i was 12 years old with Jazz and Rock cover bands (Weather Report, Yes, Genesis, Brand X, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jethro Tull, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd, King Crimson ecc) therefore also play Guitar, Drum and Bass guitar. As drummer and bassman i've played also with Hard Rock cover bands. Meanwhile I started to work as dj in Radio and at the disco. Many Italian labels asked me to play as musician and composer. It was about 1980...

I.D.: Which kind of Synthesizers and Drum Machines did you use at the studio?

P.D.P.: Oh, many kinds! Korg, Yamaha, Roland keyboards (Fender Rhodes as electric piano!) and various drum machines (We loved the mythic Lynn Drum!!!).

I.D.: Who were your studio/production partners?

P.D.P.: Many many people! Lorenzo"Jovanotti" Cherubini, Casco, Ice One, Frank Rinaldi, Steve Galante, Max Seven....and many many others! It’s impossible to make a complete list!!!

I.D.: How the amazing track "STOP" was born and what B.W.H. means?

P.D.P.: B.W.H. means "Black Way Horchestra".
The track “Stop” was born during the Football "Mundial" 1982: we were all day in studio to record our new and first tracks, but when the Italian football team started to play with Brazil we took a pause. After the match we were full of energy for the incredible victory and we reprise to “Stop” was born!

I.D.: Which is your own favourite production?

P.D.P.: I love all my productions, because they are a little part of my life.

I.D.: You are a great DJ, can you tell us how was djiing in Italy in the 80's?

P.D.P.: I think the 80's was the best period for djiing in the world: it was a new art, the djs in that period were the "fathers" of the modern dj style expecially the Italian djs like: Marco Trani, Faber and Luca Cucchetti, Nino Scarico, Franco Sciampli, Corrado Rizza, Paolo and Pietro Micioni are only a few.

I.D.: Who are your favourite producers/groups from the past? (Italian and others)

P.D.P.: I love many producers from Rock to Disco! Mauro Malavasi. (Macho, Change, High Fashion), Peter Jacques band, Rudy and many others. I can quote also my friend Paolo (Paul) and Pietro (Peter) Micioni: Gazebo, Ryan Paris, Gary Low, Tracks, Mike Francis are only some of the masterpieces!! At last but not least the great Giorgio Moroder (don't all the people know that he's italian!): his electro dance album "From here to Eternity" is one of the greatest masterpieces of all times!!!

I.D.: Are you still involved into music?

P.D.P.: Sure! I'm always involved into music. Now i'm really free to express myself: i can make rock, techno and dance tracks , the way I like. I'm always "on the road" for many live and dj sets in all europe!! For more informations you can digit "Paolo del Prete" on the web!!

I.D.: Ok Paolo, thank you very much for this exclusive interview. Good Work!

P.D.P.: Grazie a te Marcello! God bless you!

(by Marcello Giordani)

Music (Youtube):
B.W.H. - Stop
Mr Master - A dog in the night
High Resolution - Sweepin' Off

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